Acerca de CCE

The Cultural Creatives care deeply about ecology and conservation of our planet, about relationships, peace, social justice, and on the free update, spirituality and self expression. We are conscients consumers.

About us
We are creating a platform philosophical, social, economic and cultural life of New Consciousness where people and companies in the hope of a better world can find each other and share the same vibration of a big change in our society.

We are an International Network of New Consciousness: Professionals, intellectuals, artists, business entities, associations, NGOs, individuals, companies, entities and groups of New Consciousness.

The Mission of the Platform is to link in Europe and worldwide everyone with a sense of belonging to the Cultural Creative movement.

We work to help establish contact: Businesses, professionals and people with a new concept of human relations and economic system, environmental care, personal growth, desire for a new world and positive philosophy.


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